Watch Super Bowl Commercials 2014

Who Doesn't Like to Watch Super Bowl Ads ?

 Super bowl commercials are whacky, funny, naughty, smart, over the top and get your attention is a way that you could never imagine. They conjure up unexpected moment of surprise and humor. The super bowl ads provide the so called 'wow' moments so much so that, you just love to watch those commercials again and again. Being high on creativity, unlike the regular TV ads, these are "watch worthy". 

Super Bowl 2014 Ads - Which One Did You Like?

So which in your opinion are the top Ads and commercials of the Super Bowl 2014? Which is the one commercials that not only grabbed your attention, but also ticled your funny bone? You can watch all the Superbowl ads that are likely to be aired during the super sunday game.  

Its now known that Super Bowl commercials and ads are no longer merely filler between the two haves of the game. Advertisers are known to dig deep into their pockets to make an impression on the fans during the moments these are aired. With mega million fans watching the game live and streaming on the internet too, big firms do not want to miss out on this huge opportunity to make an make a statement about their brand. 

The advertisers also have as big a stake in the Super Bowl as much as the finalists of the NFL Super Sunday game namely the New England Patriots vs New York Giants.

Super bowl 2014 Ads just kicked off.

Here are the Super Bowl ads that are ikey to be aired during the Super Bowl 

Watch all the Ads and commercials aired of the Super Bowl 2013 here.

Want to watch more Super Bowl Ads.

Watch Beyonce Super Bowl Half Time Show 2013 HD Video

Watch Beyonce Sizzle at Pepsi Super Bowl 2013 Show

Super Bowl half time show sizzled with singers Kelly Rowland, Beyonce and Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child taking the stage at the Pepsi Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show at the packed Mercedes-Benz Super-dome on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Half Time Show

Super Bowl Half Time is a much anticipated event during the mid way break and is watched by millions online live. The show took place during the Super Bowl 47 Sunday, Feb 3, 2013 during the 2013 NFL Championship game between San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens. 

This was one of the most glitch-less performance at the Super Sunday finals hal time. It was a very slick and smooth performance by Beyoncee who danced and sang with passion in front of a packed Superbowl fans and watched by a huge TV audience. 

Also there was no lip-syncing in this Super Bowl performance unlike there was from Beyonce's performance at the Presidential Inauguration. The show opened with an short version of 2003 single "Crazy in Love". Then came the Destiny's Child reunion with Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland joining in.

You can watch the entire Super Bowl 2013 half time show by Beyonce in HD video here

Watch Super Bowl 2014 Commercials

Watching Super Bowl Commercials Can be Fun

Get The Most Out of Your iPad

You can watch the Watch Super Bowl 2014 Commercials at the website below. If you love to watch the super bowl commercials and ads then this is a great site to visit. You can find that the site features the best of super bowl (48) 2014 commercials in order of votes received.

WHile I have not watched all the ads of this year, among the previous year I found GoDaddy's Super Bowl ads pretty interesting. Actually you will like each commercial as a lot of effort has gone into making it peppy to bring the wow moment. So during the break or even after the watching the Super Bowl 2014 final take some time to check out these cool Super Bowl 2014 commercials.

Watch Super Bowl Commercial here.

You get information to watch Super bowl 48 live online here.

How to Watch Super Bowl 2014 (48)?

If you read my previous article you will know there are connotations to the term “How to watch super bowl 2014”.  This article dwells on the preparations aspects of the game. So here are issues that you must consider in preparedness to watch the super bowl 48 game free of all the worries. This requires a bit of planning. But if you get this right it would be a memorable super bowl party for you and your guests.
  • Decide the guest list early. Send out the invites. Be sure to skip invites to inimical guests. You do not want friends/relatives sorting out things on a super bowl Sunday.
  • Get the Super bowl menu and snacks ready well in time. You do not want to be beating coffee in the kitchen and miss a touchdown of your favorite team. Check out the dietary preferences of your friends and relative much in advance to help you plan the menu.
  • Get Technology upgrades done. If you have a smaller TV a group of 4 people can just about watch the game comfortably. But get a large (over 60 inch) preferably LED Tv for more than 10 guests. Hire a bigger Tv for the evening if required. As you will be seated away smaller tv would be a pain to watch.
  • Switch to broadband internet to get streaming content. DSL cable is slower.
  • Top up your electricity /cable/satellite tv subscriptions early.
  • Organize games interesting activities for ladies/men not interested in the super bowl game
  • Get to know when is the super bowl kickoff start time right. The show starts about couple of hours earlier.
  • Get the mundane stuff out of the way. Finish of all the necessary errands and keep yourself free for the evening. Mark out your diary well in advance.
  • Keep spare writing material handy for contest, games, scores and announcements.
  • You will require more sound for larger group of people. So get external speakers connected to your tv. 
Now that you have taken care of all the issues have a blast on the super bowl day!
Well, you can also get details for the other connotation, How to Watch Super Bowl 2014 ?

"How to Watch Super Bowl 2014" or "How to Watch Super Bowl?"

So you thought, “How to Watch Super Bowl 2014” means the same thing as “How to watch Super Bowl?”.

Think again. Well as a matter of fact it’s not. There are connotations.
While one is a statement of instruction the other is a question begetting answer to a method.

While I was researching on Super Bowl 2014 for an article, it suddenly struck how one punctuation mark can alter the entire meaning of a statement. While one can be substituted for the other they actually stand for separate things. Let me explain each one separately.

How  to Watch Super Bowl 2014

This would include all actions taken in preparation to watch the super bowl game. Like sending invites to guests, getting the super bowl menu ready, getting the sitting arrangements right, checking out the validity of cable / satellite tv connection and getting the super bowl 48 kickoff start time right. It generally encompasses readiness of immediate surroundings.  It’s basically logistically related. Not getting this right may not deprive you of the game, but would be a constant annoyance throughout. Imagine inviting 20 guests over to your home to watch the game on a 20 inch tv! Each one of them would need a pair of binoculars!

This one is asked to comprehend a method, technique, way or system to get to watch the game. It’s technology or knowledge related. It pertains to getting the right information to access the feed/stream/online content of the game match.  Getting this right is vital else you may miss the game entirely if there are no backup plans.  For instance if you want to watch the super bowl 48 live online you need to know the correct links/sites that would be streaming the content on the game day.

I suppose you get the drift. So, you see both these above are not one and the same things! I wish and hope that you get both these aspects right and get to enjoy the super bowl 2014  game without any hassles.

Watch Super Bowl (48) 2014 Live Online

Watch Super Bowl 2014 (48) Online Live Free 

Fox Sports which is the channel in charge of Super Bowl 2014 coverage, will start broadcasting Super Bowl XLVIII on its streaming website and iOS app at 6:30PM on February 2nd. This  would also include the Bruno Mars' halftime songs extravaganza. 

You can also watch Super Bowl (48) 2014 live streaming free on your mobile , Tablet or a PC. With the advent of technology, the game can now be brought to your tablet or HDTV in supreme resolution and near flawless picture. One of the previous versions of super bowl game was available through Verizon Wireless NFL Mobile app for the smartphone though. This app provided live coverage of the Super Bowl 2012 event on mobile phone. The super bowl 2013 was also offered online streaming through various carriers.  

This year too football fans can hope for a similar arrangement to get your favorite super sunday game right onto your laptop or smartphone. You can also expect to watch the Super Bowl 2014 (48) live streaming online free at the CBS Sports channel. So do not forhet to check out the CBS Sports CBS Sports Website. These are two easy and legal ways for you to watch the game without the worry of link outages, buffer issues or broken links. As the game goes by you can also get many sites streaming the game live online. However if the site is not legal then you will stand to witness cuts and breaks. So go for one of the two options cited above. 

Super Bowl 2014 (XLVIII) is Set

Super Bowl 2013 (48) is set and is slated for 02 Feb 2014, between the Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks. This is the 48th edition of Super Bowl 2014 American football finals, also known as annual championship of the National Football League (NFL). The kickoff start time is 6.30 pm EST. 

Get more details of Super Bowl 2014 kickoff start time to enjoy the game right from the start. 
In case you are among the lucky one to have got a ticket for the game then kindly head to the Super Bowl 2014 (48) website to get details of venue, parking, event information, watch videos and more. Also get ready to watch the most awaited event of the super bowl - the super bowl half-time show. Last edition of the game, Beyonce rocked the stage with her signature moves during the Super Bowl halftime.

SO get these vitals stats:-

Fox’s Super Bowl coverage begins at 6:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, Feb. 2, live from MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J. The stream of the Super Bowl will be available at and on the FoxSportsGo mobile app for iOS devices.

How to watch the Super Bowl Game - Are you prepared? - Check this.

Super Bowl Kickoff Start Time | What is Super Bowl 2014 Time?

What Time Does the Superbowl (48) 2014 Start?

Super Bowl 2014 game is just around the corner. It helps to know the kickoff start time of the super bowl game. It was noticed during the last Super Bowl game that a few hours before the start of the  Super Bowl game, there was quite a bit of traffic to get to know the correct kickoff start time. As a case in point, fans searched for "what time is super bowl", "what is super bowl kickoff start time" and "super bowl kickoff start time pacific".

You could see fans accessing Google search engine for this seemingly trivial but vital piece of information. It would be interesting to note that there are different time zones for which the super bowl start time is specified - Eastern, Central, Mountain and Pacific times.    

What does the Superbowl (XLVIII) 48 kick off time mean? 

Kick off simply means that the game is kicked off to a start at this time. This happens after the pre-game show is complete and conclusion of coin flip, national anthem and flyover. So to get all the action of the Super Bowl 2014 NFL finals right form the start and get into the tempo of the game its important to  know this moment. Trivial as it may seem, it is irksome to miss out on the correct super bowl kickoff time. It may come as a surprise but many fans do not watch out for this detail and stand to miss out the starting moments of the football game. 

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Get the Superbowl 48 Kickoff Time Right 

As per general convention the kickoff time is scheduled for 6:30 p.m, Eastern (EST) 5:30 p.m. Central (CET), 4:30 p.m. Mountain and 3:30 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, Feb 05, 2012. Actually  6.00 pm is a good time to switch on your TV sets (or get online if you are watching streaming on the Internet) as you can get to watch your the pre game show.

To summarize Here is the Super Bowl 48 kickoff start time as per US region.

  • 6:25 p.m. Eastern Time 
  • 5:30 p.m. Central Time
  • 4:30 p.m. Mountain Time
  • 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time

The game begins as per this time schedule, so please set this aside in your diaries and calenders. 
Other Useful Game Day Information

  • Date: Sunday, February 2nd, 2014
  • Location / Stadia : MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • Halftime: Grammy Winner Bruno Mars
  • Super Bowl Number: 48 (XLVIII) 

  • Teams : Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks
  • Super Bowl Number: 48 (XLVIII) 

So now you can be certain what time the kickoff will happen on the Super Bowl Sunday. So be there to watch all the action of  Super Bowl (48) 2014! 

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